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Count down reviewed Dec. 27, 2001
this is always been a movie for me
this is one of those colonize the moon movies Robert Duvall is the principal characters also ted night is quite dramatic in his minor role it's a dramatized version of the space race Russians and Americans . If you love space movies this is one to check out

Star Trek the cage reviewed Dec. 27th, 2001
where were you? When you saw the first episode of star trek. Well not actually the first but it was the first made,
Jeffrey Hunter played Christopher Pike captain of the U. S. S. enterprise, while on a routine and space mission the enterprise responds to signal on the then unexplored planet telos 4 to find the missing explorations team to find its a trap . This is Jeffrey Hunter's only the time as captain on screen this is definitely in one of my favorites . This is also was the first time we see spock
Leonard is quite different in parts shouting and smiling .
Susan Oliver plays nicely she is also very beautiful
the story is also a lot of fun early equipment made it fun to watch.

Logan's run reviewed the Dec. 27th , 2001
I remember seeing this and the theater it was 1977 or so and was my birthday wow! The this world to see much bigger than this before the running man. On screen anyway Michael York was perfect first part of Logan.
This was a tag your it on screen
the futuristic city was definitely top-of-the-line this is definitely another classic for me there is talk of a remake id love to see story again can't see anyone other then Michael York playing the Logan first impressions die -- hard even if they make a remake it's Logan's run!

lost in space reviewed Dec. 27th, 2001
a reluctant stowaway
this episode of lost in space makes me excited
space exploration was still very new , the buckled in right alongside the Robinsons, and heading off into a new world a state-of-the-art robot and of course Dr. Smith this was a formula that was very successful my thoughts are they don't make TV shows like this any more, good old-fashioned values adventure it had it all the most important thing it had was HART
each week you can be a sure of a nice family ending.

I dream of Jeannie reviewed Dec. 27th 2001

I'm no matter what time of the day or night that it is , if jennie`s on I'll be watching. This show is always great fun wow to have a Jennie, of your very own and Barbara Eden to boot this was a fun loving show plain and simple.