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It is with great difficulty to say what needs to be said about what is being done in the recording industry and more specifically how major performers are reacting to it.

To guys like Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty and a slew of other artists. I will NOT be buying any further CDs until Congress forces the record labels to start treating you and the consumers with the diginity we all deserve. I have watched your careers be pushed to the wayside because you and others aren't pretty enough or angry enough which unfortunately sells in the media. You can do better than this and you know it.

Look at what happened when Billy Joel entrusted his money to a family member whom he made his manager. It was squandered away and not given back to the charities it was suppose to go to. What kind of person does that on behalf of a person who gave joy to others for a time.

You Mr. Lynne who admitted to your audience of the pressures of doing albums under a sticky contract and later suffered because your latest album wasn't promoted properly. It's clear they (Sony) considered you at the low end of the totem pole because you didn't make up with the seven original members in ELO and you weren't using strings as much. You chose to fight against the odds in the face of traditional convention and do it your way no matter who was in the group or not.

You Michael Jackson who eventually saw what your record company did to your music. While you openly attacked the head honchos at Sony you should take it one step further. Get other artists involved who aren't just black. They deserve just as much if not more for their efforts besides you.

Until they see what most music fans have seen and tolerated for years. You will never be free from the corporate parasites who call you their "friends."

I'm NOT sorry to say this and it's not personal. It's up to you now to do what the webcasters and buyers can't seem to do for the moment but will do because this is as urgent as it gets.

I will NOT buy any cd that is unplayable in my stereo or pc. I paid my two bits when I bought the others thinking the money went to you. I would gladly pay directly if you set up a place where I can download them without fear of being reprimanded for trying to stretch my cash flow.