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And Now...Thank Yous to the following people who helped me in making this dream come true!

Firstly to my very honest dad who taught me right from wrong in his own way. He could be a real spitfire when he had to be. But he knew who my real friends were in this life.

To my good buddy Steven Acevedo whom I call Steve for short. We are pretty tied to the kneecaps as soul-brothers and have seen each other through many hard times as well as good ones. He is more than a true blue friend to me. He's like family.

To Tony Traguardo and Kathy Van Tassell for creating Beatletraxs and being the best damn deejays at WCWP through the Late 80's, Early 90's and beyond.

To visit Tony's site Click here and Kathy's Zak Starsky Page here. Tell them Frankie and Steve sent you. :)

To Declan Phillip for getting me in contact with The Beatlesex guys. And thank John, Paul, George and Ringo (Ha! Ha!)

Here's something that's really cool. The The Beatlsex Girl and she really loves America.